Mama Verde Store Front Rendering

The exterior facade of the storefront reflects the interior with the blending of glass, metal, corten breeze blocks, and natural wood. The breeze block design is inspired by the commonly-used concrete blocks on the island along with the natural wood detail to bring a softness to the overall textures being used. The use of glass and metal details help to blend the building into the existing community space. This similar marriage of materials creates interesting curb appeal that speaks to the roots of Mama Verde. The glass widows will be frosted to provide protection from grabbing the interests of children while still providing natural lighting on the interior.

Mama Verde Store Interior Rendering
The interior of the store is designed to merge the textures and aesthetics of New York and Puerto Rico. Starting with the entrance of the store, there is a waiting area that is modeled after “Abuela’s living room” with sofas situated under family photos on the wall, live plants, and terracotta tile floors.

The main store decor has elements of concrete, brick, and natural wood. The floating shelves, menu board, and glass cases create sleek minimal lines and bring focus to the merchandise on display. Elements such as the green glass pendants and wall art provide an exciting color palette throughout the store. The balance of urban materials with live plants bring together the vibes of the city with the island that Mama Verde are proud to represent.