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Everyone knows that mom knows best, so who better to lead the way in bringing a licensed cannabis dispensary to the Upper East Side than Mama Verde — a startup owned by two Latina mothers that is laser-focused on providing a safe, legal place for neighbors to shop who want to avoid the seedy unlicensed shops proliferating not only the UES, but all of New York City.

East Side Feed

Mama Verde NYC, a cannabis business, presented their plans to Community Board 8 to open a store on the Upper East Side. They assured board members that their store would not be attractive to children and would differ significantly from other cannabis establishments in the area and emphasized their commitment to selling cannabis products that meet legal health and quality standards while prioritizing child safety and responsible business practices. The store’s design will avoid any child-oriented elements and will feature tinted windows to maintain privacy. Their product line will include a range of cannabis options such as flower, THC oils, and edibles.

Our Town

Mama Verde, a potential cannabis shop owned by two Latina mothers, presented their plans at a Community Board 8 meeting. They are exploring locations on the upper east side for their shop, although no specific site has been chosen yet. If opened, Mama Verde would be the first legal cannabis shop on the Upper East Side, the second women-owned shop in the city, and the fifth legal dispensary in New York. The city currently has over 1,400 unlicensed cannabis shops, which are being targeted by the City sheriff’s department. Mama Verde assured the board that their store would prioritize safety and responsibility, addressing concerns about the illicit market.

Refinery 29

Two Puerto Rican moms, Christina Arez and Krystel Bloomfield, plan to apply for an adult-use retail dispensary in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. While this storefront has yet to open, we cannot wait to support them and are celebrating their win.