Christina Arez, CEO

Christina Arez is a Board-Certified Behavioral Analyst and mother, born and raised in the Bronx. She earned a degree in Speech Pathology and a master’s in education from Mercy College. She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband and son.

After more than a decade of working with individuals diagnosed with neurodevelopmental disorders, she was drawn to the world of cannabis by a desire to break into an industry dominated by men and to reap the economic windfalls of a liberated post-prohibition business.

Driven by her desire to create a fun, creative, and safe environment, Christina envisions Mama Verde as more than just a retail space. It will be a hub of innovation, community, and holistic wellness. She aspires to create a space where people can explore the possibilities of cannabis while promoting a culture of acceptance, creativity, and well-being where individuals can explore the benefits of cannabis in a responsible and informed manner.

Krystel Bloomfield, President

Krystel Bloomfield was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration From the University of Maryland (UC) while working full time to build her family-owned real estate business. She is a mother of four and has gone on to start her own interior design brand, studying at New York School of Interior Design to earn her certification.

Throughout her career, Krystel has established herself as a capable executor of team management, project accounting, business operations, and project design. Her strengths and knowledge in various aspects of the real estate business have resulted in delivering products that stand out in the market. Her value in coordinating design and procurement for her business’ multifamily development projects is a specific example of this.

Krystel’s expertise has attracted top talent in her business relationships while pursuing opportunities in new industries. Her role as mother and proud Latina has inspired her to seek roles where she can work towards bringing better standards to the industry and value to communities damaged by injustice.

Mission Statement

At its heart, Mama Verde is intended to provide a responsible, creative, and empowering cannabis retail experience for our community, customers, and team. The journey and responsibilities of motherhood are at the forefront of Mama Verde’s mission to be safe and empowering. By jumping into the burgeoning post-prohibition industry, Mama Verde hopes to challenge taboos and barriers for Latina women in business and cannabis.